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China 2nd hand 8 chutes grain color sorter

Meyer grain Color Sorter with LED Light Source-RL Series
optional top function of NIR function, triple function, etc

Excellent sorting accuracy

Incomparable / High Yield

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  •   2nd hand rice  color sorter machine   


    grian   color sorter is the star products of ANCOO, which can detect various scabs  and impurities of rice effectively .With its excellent capacity, sorting accuracy and working stability, it brings the users high quality product, high yield and good reputation .


    LED light source high spectral purity ,highly stable power supply ,long lifetime

    Optional triple sorting function  reduce the carryover ratio to the minimum

    Optional NIR function    sorts out transparent materials such as glass to ensure product quality

    World top 2048CCD senor the bane of light yellow, white-belly and small scab

    Unique discharging system  effectively reduce carryover ratio and air consumption


    Double air passage system  ensure stable sorting materials with high  impurity


    One-button auto calibration  more intelligent and humanized operation


    Reduce use loss and carryover ratio to the minmum


    Fault self-detection   satisflies users in details