Artificial intelligence is only for creating a perfect sorting method

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Professional 2nd hand pumpkin Seeds Color Sorter machine

CCD Grain color sorter grape pip color sorting machine

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  • Outstanding output

    1.   Strong air suction ,reasonable structure and clean dusting

    2.   Fully covered deashing system  strong tenacity , no air cylinder deformation and smooth deashing

    3.   Self-adaptive feeding  real time monitoring of feeding

    Intelligent elimination

    1.         Self collaborative sensing technology  industry leading ,higher integration ,faster computing and stronger processing capacity

    2.         Central  position elimination technology

    Evenly pressure on material and less carry-over

    3.         High end customized valves

    Little air  comsumption and can be used 12 billon times

    Observation  recognition

    1.   Original multi-spectral confocal technology

    Accurate eliminateon of glass and desiccant

    2.   Holographic flash camera

    260million pixels =self repairing loop lens can realize a higher identification of material

    3.   Low tempertature concendtraed LED light source

    Innovative optical system,more energy saving and durable

    4.   Shape  sorting technology

    Original realization of shape sorting

    5.   RGB spectrum technology

    Flexible change of 16 million background colors