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ore color sorter

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  • Scope for application: 1.Wide range of small particles sorting from 26 mesh to 120 mesh. 2.2. The vertical chute structure solves the problem of bonding between the mineral powder and the chute during the separation of small particles. Feature: 1.Double-layer check, low carry-over ratio, high sorting accuracy. 2. Special chute, 0.01um high smoothness. 3. Low-consumption, high-frequency solenoid valve, greatly reducing the specific loss of carry-over ratio with antipowder, dust, mist and dust environment. 4. Suspension dust removal device, whic ensures high sorting accuracy in high dust environment. 1.Technology Parameters Modle: FL6Z-2 Output(t/h): 4.5-6.5 16-26 catalog 3.5-5.5 26-40 catalog 2.5-4.5 40-70 catalog 1.5-2.5 70-120catalog Carryover rate(bad:good): 40:1 Accuary(100%): >98% Voltage(V/HZ): 220V/50HZ Power(Kw): 6.5 Air compressure(Mpa): 0.6-0.85 Consumption(L/min): ≥3500 Weight(KG): 2400 Dimensions: 2850*2070*2650

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