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Professional Digital Used Tea Color Sorting machine

Digital Intelligent Tea Color Sorter

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  •  professional    Digital     Used   Tea Color Sorting machine  

     Detail specification:

    Industry Private Computer as processing core, based on multi-module parallel   processing  structure .  T  Series Digital Intelligent  Tea Color Sorter  has adopted high technology  such as latest high-speed  processor; digital picture  modification; two individual sorting cabinets’ high-speed  mini ejector;  instant  numerical image identification and control algorithm; reliable network transmission protocol. Sorting process is absolutely .


    Main Features:

    1.Besides normal size material sorting ,with special algorithm application, it can be used for strips and flakes sorting, sorting scoped has been extended.

    2.Intelligent system  with self-learn function

    3.Automatic image identification function, realizing sorting for long and short shape materials .

    4.Sorting accuracy is greatly improved by collecting and processing image signal twice and sorting twice .

    5.Instant numerical image modification  process and proportionate channel design realizes high accuaracy and low loss.

    6. Applying micro color difference identify technology ,successfully solve the problem of pekoe gradding

    7.12 sorting schemes under three main sorting model, such as sorting discolor, discolor reverse and discolor & discolor reverse can be saved for use .

    8. Humanization  design of the machine implement easy operation .


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