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The factors influencing the effect of color selecting machine have many aspects, including the debugging of color selecting machine, the selection and placement of color selecting machine, product quality and other internal and external factors. This paper describes the effect of product quality on the color selection effect of color sorter in order to make the color sorter work normally.

A, the product contains many impurities, and the color is not unified, this creates more gas in production,  aeriform in, let gas increases, will be displayed at the same time air pressure is insufficient, this time must lower sensitivity or reduce production flow in order to make sure the color separator can keep a stable pressure and normal work.

Second, the product contains few impurities, but your color cell sensitivity adjustment is very low, not adjusted the background plate, can also cause gas explosion, gas, this time also displays air pressure is insufficient, it will be in time to adjust color separator background plate, change the background plate height of slope, guarantee the normal work of the color separator.

The impurity contained in the product is moderate, the flow rate is also relatively large, and the sensitivity is relatively high. The background plate is not adjusted to the best, which will also result in large gas consumption and insufficient air supply pressure display. At this time, three aspects should be adjusted, sensitivity, background plate, gas consumption.

When there is insufficient air supply pressure in the color selection machine, do not panic, most of the problems are small problems, and the machine itself is not much related to, only simple debugging can obtain the optimal belt out ratio.