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Ore for what to use a color sorter

The ore color sorter is mainly used to separate and separate the ore from the waste rock or the mineral by the different color material reflected light wave frequency or wavelength.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that compared with manual selection, it saves labor, time and efficiency, simplifies the mineral processing process and reduces the processing cost. The results show that the direct economic benefit of the mine reduces the labor cost by about 1.8 million yuan/year, while the indirect economic benefit reduces the processing cost by 22.98 million yuan/year. The waste rate increased by nearly 14% and the grade of qualified ore increased by 16%.

On the other hand, many ores contain impurities, such as pure barite is white and shiny. Due to the influence of impurities and impurities, they are often gray, light red and light yellow. With stable operation, high output and grade classification of ore according to the factors such as color, the concentrate with high purity and uniform color can be selected to improve grade and at the same time benefit to rational utilization of resources.

Ii. How to select ore color sorter

Generally, ore color sorter is composed of four parts: feed system, irradiation and detection system, information processing system and separation and execution system. The stability of its performance directly affects the production and benefit of users.

The working index of color selection machine mainly has three aspects: processing quantity, selection rate and belt out ratio. In daily production, these three indicators are integral and indispensable. They are all key indicators and must be examined at the same time.

Capacity is the quantity of materials that can be processed per hour. In addition to the different configuration and structure of the recognition system of color sorter, there is also an important factor of the size of the processing capacity. At the same time, the handling quantity is closely related to the raw material variety and the proportion of impurities contained and the required precision of selection.

Selection rate refers to the percentage of the total amount of impurities selected from the raw grain, also known as the precision of color selection. The factors that affect the selection rate mainly include the flow rate and the performance of the color sorter.

In general, the ccd-based approach is better than the silicon-photocell approach, and the alternative is better than the alternative. The selection rate of the color picker equipped with CCD sensor technology can reach more than 99%, while the ordinary color picker equipped with traditional sensor for primary color selection is difficult to reach the calibration index in actual production.

The belt out ratio refers to the ratio of the amount of impurities in the waste material selected by the color sorter to normal rice grains or wheat grains. It is possible to set the height of the ratio, which is usually about 1:3~1:5. If the ratio set is too high, it will affect the two indicators of selectivity and capacity. If it is set too low, it will cause waste. If it is reprocessed, a certain amount of manpower and material resources will be needed, which will cause a lot of trouble and economic losses.

In addition, equipment failure rate, after-sale service and price should also be considered in the selection of ore color machine.

3. Problems needing attention in the application of ore color sorter

In order to cope with the market changes, China's color selection machine development is constantly progressing. Various enterprises have conducted extensive and continuous research on color selection machine. From the beginning of photoelectric (analog) technology, the application of CCD (digital) technology, to the research and application of intelligent color sorter cloud technology and Internet of things technology, color sorter technology and application have been constantly updated.

In the application of mineral color sorter, the performance may be unstable, which requires frequent maintenance and re-debugging. This is mostly caused by the low stability of the optical system composed of the light source, background and imaging system of the sorter, especially the equipment with simple optical system.

In addition, in the application environment, there are many dust and dust, large vibration and interference, and the change of temperature will affect the operating state of the color selection machine, resulting in the change of the delay time when the detection signal is not allowed or the high-pressure air valve is opened, thus affecting the accuracy of the spraying action of impurities. In addition, the matching degree of process and material problems will have a certain impact on the effect of color selection.

Ore color sorter of the future

Based on independent innovation, the color selection machine industry needs to make breakthroughs in the following aspects:

(1) application of new light source and mixed light source; Develop better spray valves to increase productivity while reducing the band out ratio for more product color selection; The research on signal processing and control technology of CCD color sorter is strengthened to solve the problems of randomness and multi-channel of CCD color sorter.

(2) apply new high-speed ultra-large-scale microprocessors, embed more identification algorithms, and improve the practicability of the system;

(3) take "Internet +" as the tool, vigorously improve the construction of big data cloud system platform, equipped with fault diagnosis and online communication functions, and in case of failure, you can ask for help from the enterprise after-sales service receptionist in real time and request technical guidance. Realize the intelligent and remote intelligent operation of color selection, and bring unlimited value-added business news to customers through scientific and effective analysis.