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The technology application of tea color sorter mainly focuses on the raw material control and purity control of the sorter, so as to improve work efficiency and control cost. Therefore, it can be seen that the importance of the application of tea color selection technology requires us to be careful when purchasing and using the color selection machine and correctly master the application of tea color selection technology.     



1. Control of raw materials for tea color selection

The size and specification of raw tea is the basic condition to determine the process of tea color selection and tea refining. Shai leaf stalks long, high content of muscle stem, shai taken as the raw material in the vibration feeder, easy blocking feeder exports, not through vibration and guides the material automatically arranged in line after line of continuous linear beam, more can't smoothly through the chute to accelerate at a constant speed after thrown in photoelectric detection zone of the system. Although the rotary round screen and other processes of the semicolon tea through coarse size, not too much cut rolling, still leaves long, large stem many, including a large amount of clutter, poor mobility. Therefore, red (green) hair tea, hair tea head and big screen size tea are not appropriate as the tea selection machine raw materials. The selection rate of tea color selection, the yield of tea leaves and other technical indicators mainly depend on the content of tendons and the content of tablets. The results showed that the sieving tea had high selectivity, low yield, high yield and best color selection effect.

2. Control the clarity of tea color selection

Impurities such as tea stem in different grades of tea materials vary greatly. The lower the grade of tea leaves, the more gluten stem in tea materials. The impurity content of high grade tea is low, and the degree of heterochromia of tendons is low, and the difficulty of selection is high. The impurity content of low grade tea is high, and the degree of heterochromia of impurities is high, and the difficulty of selection is relatively easy. In addition, the cleanliness requirements of commodity tea of different levels are also very different, with high purity of high-grade tea and low purity of low-grade tea. Therefore, the color selection and removal efficiency of tea leaves presents the opposite performance of grain color selection. The high-grade tea color selection with less impurities and high purity is low in efficiency and high in technical difficulty, while the low-grade tea color selection with more impurities and low in cleanliness is high in efficiency and low in technical difficulty. For the tea raw materials with the same level or similar heterogeneity (gluten content), the higher the product tea purity requirement is, the lower the volume of tea leaves can only reduce the volume of selected tea leaves or check for several times, so the output of tea color selection machine is correspondingly reduced. Otherwise, the leading ratio of tea color selection increases, and the most taboo running materials and running materials in tea refining appear. In the process of tea refining, through the selection, fine-tuning and determination of the technical mode of the tea color selection station, the maximum output of the tea color selection machine can be achieved under the premise of ensuring that the ratio of tea picking and picking to take out and separation rate meet the technological requirements.