Artificial intelligence is only for creating a perfect sorting method



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2nd-hand plastics color sorter

2nd-hand tea color sorter

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To meet your constantly increasing requirements of tea color sorting manufacturers adopt hawk eye recognition technology which can acquire and operate at high speed.

You can accurately identify the color difference and remove the same color and dark color stalk.

It can support you to realize the grade classification based on the slight color difference of bud.

It can also sort the tea particles according to the size, length, thickness, one bud one leaf, one bud two leaves, removing golden tips, removing white tips, etc

Intelligent cloud-based tea color sorter can infinitely integrate different kinds of tea color sorting standards; different sorting modes can be shared and saved.

Intelligent circulatory system precisely separate stalk, flaky leaf and buds and ensures each layer can set sorting standards.

After the complete processing process, you can get finished products, dark stalk, and light stalk.

You can select tea colors without any complex operation.

Most importantly it consumes just 33% energy and very low pressure of air.

You can use a tea color sorter anytime because it is super silent with a high switching frequency.

Tea color sorter working

The first step of the tea sorting process is the input of material by hopper and vibratory feeder spread to the full width of the conveyor.

Secondly, High-resolution CCD cameras are placed to permit the machinery to identify the desired or rejected material.

Then the tea particles come to the ejection zone, the custom detection zone is totally decided according to the flake size of the material.

Once your material comes to the ejection process there are two ways of ejection.