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rice color sorting machine is a kind of intelligent and new science and technology grain processing equipment which can remove yellow rice, red rice, sorghum rice, dead rice, moldy rice, gray and black diseased rice and other different color grain residues such as sand and dirt from excellent rice and high-quality rice.

 The composition of the big beige color sorting machineThe main components of the big beige separator are: hopper, vibration feeder, chute slide, light source, background plate, CCD detection lens, discharge hopper, jet nozzle, air compressor and filter.1. Feeding system: The feeding system is used to feed the rice to be treated into the color separator. Devices such as vibrating feeders, conveyor belts, or pipes are usually included to ensure that the rice enters the color sorting area evenly.

2. Optical system: The optical system is the core component of the color sorter, which is used for scanning and analyzing the rice. It usually includes a high-resolution CCD camera, a light source, and an appropriate lens. The optical system sends an image of the rice to an image processing system for analysis.

3. Image processing system: The image processing system uses advanced image processing algorithms to process and analyze the rice images captured by the optical system. It can recognize the characteristics of rice color, shape, size and texture, and judge and classify according to preset color selection criteria.

4. Sorting system: The sorting system is the part that classifies and sorts rice according to the analysis results of the image processing system. It usually includes a gas injector, an air flow system, and a sorting device. According to the set sorting criteria, the sorting system will exclude defective or non-conforming rice from the assembly line and retain the rice that meets the requirements.

5. Discharge system: The discharge system is used to collect and transport qualified rice after sorting for subsequent packaging and storage. It usually includes a conveyor belt, an outlet and a collection device.