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Ore color sorter


What is the principle of ore color sorting machine?

The ore is inseparable from the ore color sorting machine in the process of processing and use. The ore color sorting machine mainly uses the different frequencies or wavelengths of light waves reflected by materials of different colors between qualified ore and waste stone or minerals to be separated.


Why choose ore color sorter?

First, cost saving: compared with manual selection, the use of ore color sorting machine, labor saving, time saving, high efficiency, simplify the processing process and reduce processing costs.


Second, the improvement of the color separation effect: some studies through the particle size analysis of the raw ore, the preliminary separation test, the color separator is introduced into the beneficiation process, the color separator is used for sorting, the waste rate is increased by nearly 14%, and the qualified ore grade is correspondingly increased by 16%. In 2015, a company in Guangxi introduced a German non-ferrous metal color sorting machine for the first time, and the corresponding qualified ore grade was estimated to increase by about 13%, and the waste rate was about 10% higher than the original.


Third, improve the ore grade: the raw ore after mining, more inclusions, some associated ore more, the two kinds of ore mixed, difficult to sell high prices. But the price of high-grade ores is several times higher, such as high-grade quartz, the price is high, and the supply is in short supply. Through color sorting machine color selection, increase the selling price, increase income.