Artificial intelligence is only for creating a perfect sorting method



2nd-hand rice color sorter

2nd-hand grain color sorter

2nd-hand plastics color sorter

2nd-hand tea color sorter

Ore color sorter


The history of domestic color sorter began in the early 1990s, at first it was black and white sorter, slowly appeared color CCD color sorter, and later appeared intelligent color CCD color sorter, that is, now widely used color sorter. And the black and white sorter has long been widely used in the rice industry, later due to the emergence of color CCD color sorter and make the black and white sorter eliminated, this process is also difficult and tortuous, here to say a case: since the 1980s, the domestic began to use imported large beige sorter, into the 1990s, China began to study the color sorter manufacturing technology. In 1994, the Research Institute of Physical and Chemical Engineering of nuclear Industry developed the MMS-24A color sorter, which filled the gap in the development and production of domestic color sorters. Later in 2000, Meiya Optoelectronics developed a digital double-color separator, which broke the monopoly of foreign brands in the domestic market. This example tells us that we should attach importance to independent research and development of science and technology, and should not rely too much on foreign technology to make the domestic science and technology vacancy in this field. Now the big beige color sorter we use is the intelligent color CCD color sorter, and the big beige color sorter is also the most widely used.