Artificial intelligence is only for creating a perfect sorting method



2nd-hand rice color sorter

2nd-hand grain color sorter

2nd-hand plastics color sorter

2nd-hand tea color sorter

Ore color sorter


The color sorter is actually a lossless sorting equipment. For example, in the detection and classification of bulk materials, industrial packaging and food quality, people will use a sorting equipment. And this instrument is called a color sorter. It is based on the optical reflection of different characteristics of the material, and the final instrument captures these information differences, and uses photoelectric detection technology to classify and select different colored particles in different particles.

In our daily life, the scope of application of the color sorter is also very wide. For example, it can be applied to different aspects of feed, ore, and particle size requirements. The color sorting machine is also welcomed by beans, tea, rice, wheat, corn and other agricultural food classification. The reason why our color sorting machine has been widely concerned in the international market is that its sorting effect for special materials has reached an outstanding level. It can not only glass, metal, grain food, plastic particles and recycled plastic sheets can be accurately screened and sorted. And China's color sorting machine technology has achieved a breakthrough, the current industrial technology has reached the international leading level.